Blind Tape Quartets sucht…

Blind Tape Quartets sucht
Blind Tape Quartets
presented by Lukatoyboy

A 4-track variation on the Surrealist ‚exquisite corpse‘ “ – The WIRE

A small, basic studio with a portable 4-track cassette recorder is provided for musicians (established, amateurs, first-time…) and/or singers (writers, spoken word artists…) to record a single channel, until a recorded „quartet“ is ready and blind-mixed. Each person is responsible for the 1/4 of the overall, 4-track/channel recording – and will be provided with some directions in order to preserve the overall mix from being too busy.
Depending on tape time and setup’s availability, there will be a certain number of tapes, a medium which is coming back from the dead (the USA noise and avant rock scenes, the UK Tapeworm label…), and leading up to more than a hundred tape labels at the moment.
A unique, surprising and hopefully interesting mix in the form of a 10 minute track on a cassette could be done in less than an hour (the recording lasts 4 times longer than the overall mix, and some short break is needed in between recordings). Curating a tape could be done with „tagging“ participants as musicians (type of instruments), voices (gender, age, backgrounds) but it can be also completely random, on first come-first served basis.
This way of recording enables a certain degree of surprise, but the kind of surprise which can be measured in advance by curating the order of participants – the shuffle option is here used as a pre- recording feature.
As far as the artwork goes some paper and drawing materials are required so the local designers and other enthusiasts could participate in making on the spot tape covers. While smaller than the vinyl artwork, cassette artwork is still little bigger than on the iPod, and retains a physical value. Each artwork can be unique, even if the tapes are duplicated. Otherwise, a simple cover should be printed in advance.
The tapes will be released as a limited edition series on the Blind Tapes label – either later in the day of the recording, or the day after.

21. November, 17Uhr

Blind Tape Quartett Aufnahmen
Adresse des Aufnahmeortes erhaltet Ihr nach der Anmeldung. Anmeldungen bitte an amb[ät]

22. November , 19Uhr LukaToyBoy zu Gast bei Café Queeria.

Release des ersten Blind Tape Quartet Tapes in Köln. Lukatoyboy stellt sein Projekt vor! (Anschließend ein Konzert mit Georg Wissel.)

Luka Ivanovic Lukatoyboy (born 1981 in Belgrade)active: musician, sound designer, educator former: journalist, radio editor

Lukatoyboy’s main sound/music activities include performing electro-acoustic improvised music (based on real-time sampling of various objects, toys, voices and fields recordings) using feedback, electro-magnetic microphones, and small iPod FM transmitters. On the other side of the groove, he is producing nanotechno and free IDM on a Game Boy.
He has performed at various relevant Serbian music festivals and specific events, but also in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Austria, Turkey, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo…
In 2010 he has started the tape label Blind Tapes in order to release all the tapes recorded by participants in the Blind Tape Quartets project.

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