Café Queeria meets Moribund Film Tour

Moribund ist das Projekt von Tim Birtwistle mit dem er uns am 25.10. besuchen wird.

Er bringt 6 Kurzfilme mit und performt zu diesen Live Spoken Word und Musik. Ein spannendes queer media event! Zu den Filmen:

INDO (aprx. 10min)
Filmed whilst ‚holidaying‘ in Indonesia this film attempts to weave and tell a story solely through using people I met and stayed with in Kalimantan, Java and Lombok. (Much credit must go to Van Ferguson who’s family feature and who through being pushed made the trip possible.)

Slides (aprx. 10min)
Made over 3 years ago in various parts of Hackney, East London, this FILM puts together photos and film and includes experimental vocals and a mixed LIVE/recorded PERFORMANCE by Dick Van Timbirtwistle using TVs.

The Drama Workshop (aprx. 5min)
Every morning for 1 week in 2008 two non-actors undertook a self-directed drama workshop. This is a document of the success and failure of those sessions. INCLUDES SPOKEN LIVE PERFORMANCE.

Aeroplane. (aprx. 5min)
By over re-recording the story of an unclear airplane journey is retold. INCLUDES Live Performance by Tim Tim Timbirtwistle of Dick Van Timbirtwistle.

Olive Mountain (aprx. 15min)
A connection is made between the reluctant Banjo performance of Oliver Rees (MA) and the mountains of Italy. A studio album of Rees‘ repertoire will be available for sale.


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